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HVAC with Niagara


Having access to your building on any internet supported device is great! But what about when you're not monitoring? A freezing pipe, a cooling building, overheating device, are all examples of things that can't always wait till morning.  With alarming functions, potential property damage can be avoided. Alarming is a basic feature and comes without additional cost. With the escalating alarm option, avoid relying on one person to receive alarms. Send your alarms locally first, if no response, the alarm will automatically send to the next recipient. Due to spotty cell service in Alaska we encourage E-Mail alarming, however, SMS/Text Message is also an option.  


A graphical representation of your building aids in making sense of all the data. Examples of what you can expect are pictured below, however, these are built with the standard graphics coming at no additional cost. Other, more intricate options are available. 


Scheduling your buildings occupancy is key to a building's efficiency. With an easy to use interface modify on the go for those unexpected changes. 


How long has that boiler been running? When were the filters replaced? Keep a digital track record of your building. Running time, filter replacement, or digital notes, all with email reminders to help keep your building running smoothly. 


Temperature control is a big player in a buildings economical efficiency as well as comfort. Temperature settings are preprogrammed into your system, but you may override them easily. 


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